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A word yelled in desperation of loseing something to kill your opponet (also known as TANG'D)
BUSSELL and you dead fo
by Joe momma June 03, 2004
3 2
An intelligent, dark haired, Portuguese with English ancestry; usually involved in covert government operations. Charismatic and likened to a James Bond machismo. Smooth with the ladies, loves to drink, and strong fisted. Does not enjoy Polish/Native American comedy.
Did you see that Bussell over there take down those Russian Operatives while drinking a Vodka Redbull and hitting on those three Swedish models?
by bmania June 15, 2011
4 0
To successfully sell a bus
Jack made a very good bussell
by Ævar December 12, 2004
6 5
See also:smart
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
3 2