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Instead of saying, you cant cum, you cant bus nut
Arrrrr no, face it, you cant bus nut
by Mc_Dizzee December 08, 2004
A crazy or outspoken person on the bus (or train or other public transportation). A person who acts out their own private dramas on the bus, talks to the voices in their head, or otherwise puts on a show for other passengers (see also, Bus Drama)
Some busnut started yelling at a tourist on the subway for bumping into him.
by michaelp August 13, 2011
When semen is released from the penis
Yo Blood i bus nuts on that chicks top lip
by Bukaman August 05, 2006
noun: People who like buses, typically taking many photos of buses to later put onto a forum and share with other bus nuts. It is their obsession.

Brad is such a bus nut, he takes his camera everywhere in case he will see one!
by stonedfly December 20, 2008