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Stories tell us that the troops of King Henry II of England were more than happy to discover the unique taste of Irish whiskey. Unable to pronounce the Gaelic “Uisce Beatha” (Water of Life), they shortened it to “Uisce” and finally to whiskey. In the year 1608, the first licence to distil whiskey was granted by King James the first to the Old Bushmills distillery in the village of Bushmills in what is now the county of Antrim in Ireland. The company flourished until Prohibition in America. Many of the Irish distilleries were forced to close but Bushmills stayed open. The Bushmills distillery director correctly anticipated the end of the ban of alcohol in America and had ample stocks of the fine whiskey ready for export. Favorite among discerning drinkers for its unparalleled range of quality Irish whiskeys. One of the finest, if not the finest whiskey in the world.
Bushmills Original, a blend of single malt Irish wiskey and Irish grain whiskey.
Black Bush, a dark blend, comprised almost entirely of single malt whiskey.
10 Year Old Single Malt, single malt whiskey aged for at least 10 years.
16 Year Old Single Malt, single malt whiskey matured for at least 16 years in two different types of Casks.
21 Year Old Single Malt, single malt whiskey matured for a minimum of 21 years in three different types of casks.
We should get a couple bottles of bushmills for Saint Patrick’s day.
by killahkush October 25, 2006
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1. The best fucking whiskey ever, a product of Ireland.
1. Whoa, I drank two bottles of Bushmills last night and crashed my car into a loaded school bus!
by Dowop July 20, 2005

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