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Japanese for God of War
I will become a bushin, it's my destiny!
by Kimberly Anderson July 13, 2013
From the slave days, a common term used to describe taking a shit. Workers were not allowed to leave the fields to release their bowels, so they often had to do this in the bushes.
Boy! Are you bushin in there?

by Stacia22 August 12, 2008
Bushin is a verb used to describe people who say they have quit something just so they don't have to buy it.
guy #1 : "Hey man you got a ciggarette?"
guy #2 : "Thought you quit bro?"
guy #1 : "Naw I am still tryin to"
guy #2 : "Why you bushin? We all know your just a cheap ass!"

Man why you keep bushin me around we know you got some money on da herb!
by Ryan aka Rastie January 29, 2007
when one has extremely long pubes, that you can almost braid
Damb that heffer bushin', that shit got stuck on my braces.
by The Bushin' Queen August 20, 2013
Ancient fighting style of the japanese ninjas.
The ninja Guy uses the Bushin Style.
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
A style of ninjutsu that Guy from Final Fight or Street Fighter Alpha is a master of.
I smile with joy when I play Final Fight with Guy, because the Mad Gear gang is no match for his Bushin ninja skillz.
by capcom playa September 08, 2003

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