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(n.) a Republican Party member who decides to either become a democrat or vote for democrats as a result of the George W. Bush administration.

Langston usually votes republican; but, after experiencing the Bush-administration he wants to vote as a Bush-democrat and help the Republican Party lose in the 2008 presidential election.
by db8rebel August 08, 2007
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Democrats who voted for Bush,not once,but twice!
In other words,me. ^___^
He's not Bill Clinton,he gets my vote!
He's not Al Gore,He gets my vote!
He's not John Kery,he gets my vote!
Now I fully understand and appreciate the Reagan Democrats who I used to hate back when I was a young radical lefty.
I'm proud to be a Bush Democrat!
Bush Democrats ROCK!
by Ted Nugent fan October 09, 2005
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