This mean the particualr thing, situation, or person sucks.
George Bush is Bush league. :)
by LynxofSpades February 14, 2009
Used to describe something shoddy or rubbish.
G.W.Bush: My fellow Americans, my days as President have been Bush league
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
Used to describe any all female athletic league
LPGA is just another Bush League
by The Librarian SF January 03, 2009
Unawesome; dissappointing.
Often used in reference to racketball.
"Say, Chuck, racketball is bush league"
"I'm aware."
"Touch me."
by clinallen May 19, 2004
when something is really quite crap, or untrue it is 'busleague'
na. BUSHLEAGUE. got you! (joke)
what a loada busleague!
by Fiona the fie April 15, 2006
Appropriately, the word also refers to the team around U.S President George Bush, led by Bush himself.
"Man, they didn't send enough troops to do this Iraq thing properly."
"Whadda ya expect from that Bush League!?"
by Timberlicious January 23, 2008
retarded donkey spelling of Busch League. the term that actually has a deritive. two in fact. Busch league racing is subpar to nascar racing. Also, Busch league, minor league baseball league, is subpar to the Major League.

ex. All these entries are Busch League.

the incorrect spelling occurred when george bush stole an election or two and then ruined the country. so now bush is a synonym for busch, but still incorrect.
ex. All these definition entries for bush league are Busch League.

by Hudsucker2000 July 10, 2008

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