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To instantaneously turn your head quickly to stare at someone with a manic look on your face.
Adam pulled a "busey" on me when i lit a joint in the car.
by adambomb66 September 25, 2011
2 8
The nether region of a woman with a large vagina and pubic bone resulting in a bulbous mound. i.e. A "clump" of epic proportions.
Look at that bikini on Mary. Nothing can hide her busey!
by Nitz_Ritz June 25, 2009
2 19
Something insane, incomprehensible, potentially dangerous, not thought out, or overall shady yet completely genius, well thought of, and unforgettable.
Ken: What the hell man? That plan of yours was a real Busey. I can't believe were not in jail... or dead!
by Ken Steckal November 23, 2007
6 27
Something said in place of a curse word or used at any time to break the silence.

First seen on an episode of Venture Bros; said by Brock out of frustration.
When Niki hit her funny bone on the counter, she yelled out, "Ahhh... Busey!"

by E-Rock and ya don't stop October 29, 2008
4 27
Pertaining to a state in which one holds a capricious - but nonetheless strong - liking, inclination or desire. Usually used with a meaningless modifier such as all, totally, or mad.

See Also: Gary Busey
"I'm glad we stopped here to eat. I've been Gary Busey for their pizza all week"

"He's totally Busey for her; he writes about her every day in his blog"
by ThePants May 28, 2005
6 38