Bus hands is a hand affliction caused by the bacteria Dirterium Hobus commonly propagated by handrails on buses and other forms of mass transportation where dirty people like to put their grubbies. Left untreated, bus hands can progress rapidly, escalating into an infection of bus arms, bus torso, or even so far as turning the carrier into a dirty bus person entirely.
Employee 1: Hi five m-dawg!

Employee 2: I can't give you a high-five z-money, I have bus hands.

Employee 1: That shit is wack, yo. Don't be bringing your grubbies around here.
by m-dawg2 June 10, 2011
Top Definition
The slightly dirty, greasey, or sometimes sticky feeling your hands get when touching bars, handle straps or seats on public transit.
Sorry I just got home and have to wash my bus hands before I eat.
by Kinkstergay May 28, 2011
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