The transfer of high pressure gas from the anus to the object adjacent. Usually accompanied by violent vibrations and sounds and followed by a very undesireable odour, which may persist for a long period, and/or a pungent residue.
Kaz: Was that an earthquake?
Biff: Or did flash just bury one on our new carpet?
Kaz: (gasping for air) that bloody dog needs help!
by pillboxandy April 24, 2007
Top Definition
Best place in the whole world. World Famous Black pudding.

Check that person from Bury.

Bury is the best place in all the land and all the world.

by burylad January 15, 2012
A gorgeous town with all sorts of colourful characters in Greater Manchester famous for it's World Market and Peel Tower and Holcombe Hill. It gets all sorts of high praise from people such as... (Below)
'I went to Bury today'
'Did you? How did you find it?'
'It was great! Even better than my holiday I had to France!'
(genuine comments about bury)
by akaspiderray December 02, 2012
to hold a hit of weed deep in your lungs as long as you can.
"fuckin' bury that rip"
by Zorack_Swim November 24, 2006
To score a goal in a sport. (typically used in context of hockey)
Announcer: Stevie Y up the wing crossing the blue lets it go...
What a bury! bar deezy and the tendy still has no idea the pucks laying behind him in the net.
by G babes June 16, 2010
The most boring lifeless shite place to go in the whole of england.
i live in manchester
i went to bury the other day
i died from boredom
by Sarahxlp April 12, 2007
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