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noun. a burtonite is essentially a fan of Tim Burton, but in particular a fan that belongs to his most renowned fansite, the Tim Burton Collective, and their forums. According to their forums a burtonite is a particularly excellent being who has 50 posts or more to their names within these forums. Initially when a member joins they will be a junior burtonite until they reach the 50 post mark. Burtonites are especially splendid people, generally with an exquisite sense of taste and noted for their good manners and occassionally eccentricities too.
e.g. "That person is so splendid they could be a burtonite.",
"Burtonites rock the casbah.", or
" I wish I was a burtonite, then I'd be swanking it up to the max."
by Bizarre Bazaar January 24, 2006
22 7
A happy emo, which may sound like a contradiction, but isn't. It happens. and when it does, it's called a Burtonite.
"Emma is such a burtonite!"
by The Original Burtonite May 03, 2008
9 3
A mindless male, with no sense of individuality. Is a carbon copy of his peers and usually adopt the manequin pose of those in the windows of Burton. Can usually be found roving in large drunken crowds in town centres at night. Usually the types that get involved in fights.

Not to be confused with the chav species, they generally have enough cash to buy decent clothes, but unfortunately choose the worst shop.
"Ugh, I hate those boys, they are such Burtonites"
by Jo^4 August 23, 2007
2 13