confused? u know wats going on but decide to act like you dont
What you do with the $100
by Libi Mathew August 12, 2008
The cool way of saying bear.
Oh snap! Look at that burr over durr!

I have the ZA burr mount.
by SierraMist February 02, 2008
another word used for chill (a very cool person).
girl-- "omg, hes so chill"
girl2-- "no sam, hes so burr"
by caitlin0x August 22, 2007

Burrly- Bitchin.
Burrwood- Extreme Bitch.
"What up, Burr?"
"The backcountry is sooooo Burrly right now."
"You're such a burrwood."
by Mack Dawg December 07, 2006
a slang spoken when you can know longer talk right and call beer by the name "burr"
the word when a white person trys to be african american by using the "urr" at the end of the word beer
"yo 'g-dawg homie'let's go snag some burr to quench our thirst!"

"pass the burr"
by meech May 22, 2005
Some superiour to others, like a god, someone who loves jennay.
The burr and jennay are gonna git married..
by joe January 05, 2005
1. The ghetto way to say "beer," especially when secrecy is desired, so it is advantageous to use Burr instead of Beer

2. The sound made by any living creature when it is wicked cold outside.
Damn, let's go to MDC for some boriqua lovin, then we can go buy some Burr and get those ladies to suck our wang chungs
by Man Date 4 Eva February 01, 2004

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