something that is radically cool, sexy, awesome, enigmatic
That chocolate cake was SO burr.

'Tight, girl, tight' might be substituted for 'burr, girl, burrrrr.'

Yo those chicks' hookah party was so dank. BURRRRRR out the house!
by MollCop December 27, 2011
A burr is an epic fail, something that is a complete & uttermost fail with nothing good about it.
"Last night the club sucked. The night was such a burr"
by QuasimodolovesEsmerelda September 20, 2011
what elliott says after he says anything
hello everyone BURR!
by ross bagnato November 08, 2010
Slang for beer, and not Gucci jewelery, because that is just dumb. Never used to describe low quality beer such as Coors or Bud.
Let's get some burrs.
by tylerdurden89 October 11, 2010
Used to
1. Define something cold
2. Synonym for chill in any sense of the use
1. Burr it's cold outside
2. Damn gurl that chain be burr as HEYLL.
by Taneynay January 01, 2011
Originated in Lapeer, Michigan. Used when someone says something disagreeable or generally foolish. Also can be said after saying something that is obviously sarcastic.

Can be drawn out longer and louder to emphasize greater degrees of disagreement or sarcasm.
Our chemistry instructor is a nice guy... burr.

person 1: Dude, your sister is so hot.
person 2: Burr!
by Steakface November 23, 2009
The noise made by deep-voiced men when they become shocked or surprised. Perhaps after being pelted with some form of chewy candy substance. Burr is often teamed with a shocked look , and can often have angry connotations if they are caught off guard or offended . This is a perfect of example of when Burr will be used.
'Look Sally , its a mouldy wham bar on the floor , pick it up' said Jane.
Sally picks up the wham candy bar , and waves it around in Jane's face.
Jane knocks the wham bar out of Sally's hand with generous force , and it flies towards the man seated in front of them.

'BURR! what the fook was thaaa.'
by puffthemagicdragon July 27, 2009

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