A guy who got shit on during anal sex..
Girl: fuck babe i just shit
Boy:ahhh i feel like a burr
by Ratstar May 13, 2015
What you blurt out unexpectedly when you are the icyest motherfucker alive.

Phrase coined by Gucci Mane.

Can be added onto words that normally end in "...ber" to make them gangsta as shit!
"You wanna visit Gucci World girl

Here is a brochure.

Wanna a cold wash

make your wife say BURR

Got balls in my ear


I just love SeptemBURR, OctoBURR, NovemBURR, and DecemBURR!

My necklace is 20 below its so icy with these AmBURR stones that cost a hunnit. BURR!
by GCSRT8 December 07, 2011
Playing the guitar with your female genitalia. Strum strum, I like to cum
Joanne likes to burr over Stephen's insanely small penis
by stickyjuggler November 15, 2011
Burr: Laid back type of dude. Happy, Caring, Charming and cool. Easy to get along with. An a*shole sometimes but we're all the same.
Burr is that dude..
by Superweirdandgoofy May 18, 2011
1. variation of "bear"

2. also substituted in vowels found in between "b" and "r" containing words.
1. Teddy Bear - Teddy Burr

2. straw-burry, burr-ed, Burr-bie, burr-beque, etc...
by walking_tornado February 15, 2007
Cold; harsh. Usually a reply to a harsh or rude statement.
Thug 1: Niggga you're black, so why the fuck are your teeth so damn yellow?

Thug 2: Burr.
by yadunnoooee February 16, 2011
1. Slang to announce it's cold or chilly

2. Also know as "the cool way of saying bear.
1. Burr! It's cold out!

2. C'MON Tricia everyone knows burr is the cool way of saying bear!
by Slang Dictionary 101 September 12, 2013

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