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A Visayan term for pregnant, pregnancy, or pregnant woman. Usually caused when there is too much stress and strain inflicted towards the condom due to external forces (e.g. friction). The relationship between stress and strain becomes nonlinear because the stress has reached a certain elastic limit or yield strength. Beyond this limit, the condom may deform irreversibly, exhibiting breaking. The effects of this phenomena are usually observed nine months after.
1. Na buros akoang uyab dah. Paltik man gud tong condom na akoang gi-gamit. EN, "My girlfriend just got pregnant. Perhaps it was caused by that brand-less condom."

2. Tanawa, buros nasad imong uyab, pala-iyot man gud ka! EN, "Look, your girlfriend just got pregnant again, that's because you've always been a pervert!"

3. Hubag lang japon kaau akoang uyan bahalag buros. EN, "My girlfriend still looks hot even though she's pregnant."
by Geee-em May 11, 2010
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