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After slicing open an entry pathway into the human chest cavity just under the rib cage a large rattlesnake is used where its head is forced into the hole as a hand held torch is applied to the snake still outside the body forcing the snake to completely enter into the body cavity or (torso) whereupon the snake will then angerily flip flop around against the lungs and internal organs where it will later come to restful perish and eventual decay - hence a (Burnt Snake Hotel). NOTE: Extra vermin not included.
Beaten into a state of venomous striking rage the angry serpent is held tight as the entry portal is sliced open into the living organs the torture begins to horrific screams the journey of the snake from light into warm darkness its head is forced in the hot flame licks at the serpent's scales as the morbid battle ensues yet in the end the full length of the snake is finally inside as the torch is used to slow the victim from bleeding out too early slowly coming to rest with a serpent filled belly the victim is the (Burnt Snake Hotel) wasn't that mary.
by Muncherflesh Chalkwhite March 23, 2009
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