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1. Anything a muscle car can do and a ricer can not. (i.e. climbing a hill steeper than a 15 degree incline.)

2. Slamming the gas pedal to the floor when not in motion, causing the tires to spin without traction, making smoke. This is something that mainly only Muscle Cars can do, caused by the mass amount of torque put out by the big cubes of muscle car engines.

3. Someone who wears Def Leppard wife beaters and smokes cigs while driving in his Camaro, listening to AC/DC.
1. Man, I put up 450 ft/lbs on my trans am, thats a burnout.

2. A ricer beat me at the drag strip because he had a ten second head start because my burnout took so long, for once, torque has let me down.

3. Dude, I saw this burner drivin' this boss Camaro, man that thing was hooked up.
by Rice Hater August 08, 2005
Expose a person to the maximum accumulated amount of ionizing radiation for an administrative period.
We need some temporary workers to finish cleaning up that radioactive spill, because we have burned out all our own workers on it.
by Ron Davis July 21, 2003
The guy you sit next to in class who's killed so many brain cells with drugs that he has to ask "Dude, where am I?" every five minutes. A burnout is a stoner who didn't stop until every last brain cell was fried, and even though every brain cell is now fried, is still smoking at least five blunts a day.
Burnout: "Dude, where am I and why is everyone being so quiet?"
normal person:"This is your brother's funeral"
burnout:"Ah man, that sucks. Wait, I had a brother?"
normal person"Yeah"
burnout:"Woah, that's crazy! Wait-did you know that when I hit myself in the head it sounds like it's hollow?"
normal person: "Why am I not surprised?"
by lacoste_lover July 15, 2006
Someone who is old already, played out or too mainstream.
G-Unit is burn out already.
by Ana Paulina February 18, 2006
to leave or go to another place
Hey dog lets burn out.
by bpg189s February 06, 2004
a musician who fades from common knowlege very quickly
"Its better to burn out than it is to fade away."
by Fatass February 25, 2003
A cell phone that is free for like five months
hey i got me a new cell phone but it's a burn out
by Phillie Phil September 13, 2005