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When something a person or a group has planned in advance or is looking forward to does not happen. May be exclusively used in California. An extended use of burn.
Person 1 : Dude, Jay flaked and now we have to walk to the library.

Person 2 : Burnout!
by Destune November 07, 2005
Something stupid people do with their cars to impress equally stupid people. Its main component, wheelspin, is accomplishable with any automobile, but perhaps it takes a slightly powerful/upgraded machine to sustain it, creating the smoke desired it. No practical purpose other than to waste tire tread and possibly blow the tires. Muscle car enthusiasts strive to achieve this effect at starts of drag races for no real reason.
"CHECK OUT THIS BURNOUT ON M' '29 'VETTE 'EAAAAAAAAH! AMERCAN MUSCLE FOR LIFE! Who would ever need more than 4 gears anyway?"
The only real, at least half-good American sports car is the Corvette.
by Barcode711 May 05, 2007
A student or person that goes to class to learn but instead counts down the amount of minutes left in the class.
Look at those burnouts staring at the clock over there; they must be counting down.
by VictoriaJeska November 11, 2006
a highschool student who doesn't really fit in anywhere. not necessarily an outcast, but definitely not in the 'it' crowd. they can usually put up with your bullshit, and won't be purposefully rude to you, unless you're a freshcut. they enjoy music of the heavy metal/screamo/indie variety, uncharted clothing, and dyed hair. unique, and are oftern stereotyped as an 'emo', or 'scene kid'. however, this is not the case; burnouts just like to party. but not to be mistaken with typical partying: because lets be honest - we really don't like you :)
'hey, that janice girl is such a burnout'
by - crackerjax , June 01, 2009
A gassy old lady who molests animals.
That kid Eric strives to be a burnout, but will never match my grandmother.
by Leopard March 03, 2005
After anal sex, pulling your penis out and wiping on their butt cheeks while making a squealing noise. It will leave a brown strip, or a burn out mark.
When I was done banging her up the ass I gave her a burn out.
by Captain Cabbage April 19, 2010
The act of smoking Marijuna, or burning out.
The football team "burns out" under the bleachers before every game, thats why we suck so bad.

Lets go burn out.
by Ben Doverplease March 20, 2008