the main purpose of having automobiles, that involves using the brakes of the car to hold it still while the driven wheels turn at high speed to produce copious smoke and also cause the car to exhibit handling characteristics such as a sliding rear end which make driving it very fun
That bogan did so many burnouts in his Commodore that he broke his diff
by ahpeeyem August 22, 2003
one who has smoked too much weed and became a bum who can no longer think and make wise choices. making conversation with a burnout is difficult because they fried most of their brain cells.
ur such a burnout, pat!
by g dogg December 15, 2003
its a person who smokes;weed(especially),etc.They smoke alot alot alot.
O ...yea him, he's a burn out
i hear he is a burn out
O ...there goes burn out(nick name)
by lucy December 01, 2004
someone who has smoked to much pot and are slow and cant talk right nor do they no whats going on. such as mak who will read this in learnig assistance tommorow hahaha
o mak you are such a burn out go home but i will give you smokes to stay
by taylor senft March 22, 2006
Something stupid people do with their cars to impress equally stupid people. Its main component, wheelspin, is accomplishable with any automobile, but perhaps it takes a slightly powerful/upgraded machine to sustain it, creating the smoke desired it. No practical purpose other than to waste tire tread and possibly blow the tires. Muscle car enthusiasts strive to achieve this effect at starts of drag races for no real reason.
"CHECK OUT THIS BURNOUT ON M' '29 'VETTE 'EAAAAAAAAH! AMERCAN MUSCLE FOR LIFE! Who would ever need more than 4 gears anyway?"
The only real, at least half-good American sports car is the Corvette.
by Barcode711 May 05, 2007
Next-day after curry anal effects on someone not used to spicy food.

It burns as it comes out
Shouldn't have had the vindaloo last night had a burnout this morning
by Da Zeg January 08, 2005
A person who frequently engages in hilarous, unususal, dangerous or heatbag activities with total disregard for the public's or his/her own safety/well being. People usually act like burnouts to show off when there are many people especially peers watching.
Everyone called the underage drinker, Dave a burnout when he smashed a beer bottle off the windshield of a passing cop car.

by lance penney September 06, 2006

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