Someone who was really popular in high school and college and spent those years as well as ages 21-29 partying, smoking weed and doing other drugs (including drinking a lot), having sex and hooking up, but after age 30 is a total asshole with a bad job, legal issues, health problems, and is usually not married or ever has a family. In other words, a burnout is what happens later in life to age 14-29 punk-ass guys and age 14-29 slut girls.
I am 15 years old and would much rather prefer being average or not popular in high school and college yet grow up to have a successful job and a good family instead of being really popular and the life of the party now yet becoming a total shithead or burnout later in adulthood.
by M@77 J@M35 June 14, 2011
A game played by two or more people. All you need is a candle, a lighter, lubricant, and consenting men or women. Here are the steps to play:

1. Lubricate the man's/woman's rectum.
2. Light the candle.
3. Before the candle goes out (or starts to melt, which would cause a lot of pain), insert in to the rectum flame-first as deep as necessary to put the candle out. Remember to insert the candle as soon as it's lit, otherwise complications may arise.
4. Check for burns around the area. If burns can be seen (or felt), contact a medical professional.
5. If no injury is found, repeat. Using a larger candle or one with more wicks can increase difficulty. Just remember to lube up before each turn.

The goal of the game is to put out the candle using the rectum, with as little injury as possible. The game is repeated on and on, each player taking turns to be both the insert-er and the insert-ee, until burns are sustained or players back out until only one is left standing.
Man: Remember that one time at your place when we all got drunk out of our minds and thought it would be a good idea to play burnout?

Woman: I still have the scars!

Men: Mental and physical!

*both laugh*
by Hinwer May 18, 2014
where your car wheels spin round while your not movein also know as wheel spin
jack did a burnout at the stat of the race
by coxey71 August 30, 2009
Where you get in your car, put that sucka into neutral, rev up dat engine, put that sucka into drive, and BURNOUUUT!
I got in dat van, and did a huge burnout!
by Crazy Driver August 07, 2009
When the driver of a rear wheel drive vehicle decides to show off the torque of his engine by breaking the rear tires' traction with the ground and spinning them in place, by holding the brakes, usually for the purpose of making a large cloud of smoke. Also referred to as brakestand and roastin' 'em. This is also how drag vehicles on slicks gain additional traction, the burnout heats the tires up and this causes them to bite into the pavement harder. Users of street tires will not notice any major benefit, so this is useless to streetcars.

Another variant uses no brake application, it is done by drivers of less powerful RWD cars that would otherwise stall. Sometimes called a one-wheel peel, because only one wheel spins. Front wheel drive vehicles do this version because they are, um, FWD, and can't brakestand. This is typically called a peelout instead of a burnout, but some powerful muscle cars can successfully do a proper, smokey burnout while moving forward.

Vehicles with rims over 25" in diameter may not posess enough torque to burn out without breaking something. This means those of you with Donk'ed out vehicles need not apply. Rims with thin spokes and large diameters are too weak to take the stresses and their hubs may rip out. They may also bend and/or otherwise be damaged.

The only real legit time to do it on the street is if the vehicle is spinning out, and only to prevent the engine from taking damage when being spun backwards and to scrub off some speed, lessening the severity and chances of an impact.

Ricers have been known to attempt a 'brakestand' by using their parking brake to hold the car still. While this has the same effect, it isn't a true brakestand.
Man, that old truck ain't as shitty as I thought it was. Did you see that massive burnout it did? It's only got a six cylinder too...Damn, man.

Heh, that Ricer just attempted a burnout. Silly FWD.

I like this car. When you burn out, the smoke comes from the correct end of the car.

That burnout fails horribly. One wheel peels suck balls!

by AenillCPaj October 29, 2007
A pot smoker who cannot make his or her decisions on their own. He cannot sustain himself from speaking out from his mouth but rather his brain is not functional anymore due to over using marijuana. His or her voice becomes more dull, sounding like Patrick the Star from Spongebob. A burnout also forgets almost everything like keys, wallets, and etc. Also, never pays for pot and thinks only for himself.
wow dude such a burnout
by bluntman4444 March 31, 2011
Something u do in a car when you get bored or want to impress a large crowd of people so u smokem out preferbly at a party
Hold the break down apply the accelorator and youre back wheels should now start smoking
by Smoko October 22, 2003

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