#1: Reduction of a fuel/substance to nothing through use or combustion.
#2: Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork/stress.
#3: Drug abuser or dropout
#4: Failure of a item through overheating.

#1: Spinning rear wheel/wheels of a motorized vehicle and in that way creating a thick smoke from the wheel-rubber.
#1: "Watch this huge carbon burnout."
#2: "A lot of stress may result in burnout."
#3: "My friend is a trashed burnout."
#4: "A mechanism prevents engine burnout."

#1: "Lets go out and make some burnouts and wheelies with your bike."
by Vojtech Sedlak June 20, 2007
to live your life to the fullest extent at a very early time in your life. (usually involves drugs.)
"you ever heard about pete the partier? he partied hard until he was thirty!"
"no way, man."
"yes way. he did hella drugs, too. he had nothing left to do after all of that was over."
"so, he was a burn out?"
by lightthebong September 05, 2005
Being in the state of "blah" for excess amount(s) of time. Confusion about where they are, what they are doing, and where the pot is. Odds are burn outs have the slighest idea that they are in fact, burn outs.
Man, I can't believe we told the pizza guy the wrong house to deliver it. Goddamit, we're burn outs.
by BIG JILM September 17, 2006
the act of burning rubber in a vehichle while it it stationary or moving slowly. fun to do,and is one of the safest ways to have fun in a car, cops hate it 'cos of the nuisance value and just to pick on young drivers.
by A5H October 10, 2003
To do something so much in a small amount of time that it gets really old
Don't burn-out on your boyfriend. You'll want to spread out your time.
by M. Read January 14, 2006
Someone who was really popular in high school and college and spent those years as well as ages 21-29 partying, smoking weed and doing other drugs (including drinking a lot), having sex and hooking up, but after age 30 is a total asshole with a bad job, legal issues, health problems, and is usually not married or ever has a family. In other words, a burnout is what happens later in life to age 14-29 punk-ass guys and age 14-29 slut girls.
I am 15 years old and would much rather prefer being average or not popular in high school and college yet grow up to have a successful job and a good family instead of being really popular and the life of the party now yet becoming a total shithead or burnout later in adulthood.
by M@77 J@M35 June 14, 2011
An unusual move that two people can use as a prelude to sex, or you can do it just for fun. The woman (the burnee) lays flat on her back looking at the ceiling, while the male (the burner) sits on her face, placing the womans nose firmly in his ass, while facing the womans feet. The burner then begins to make an "ErrrRRRRRR!" sound as if he is burning rubber on asphault. He then releases the brakes (metaphorical brakes), and proceeds to slide his ass down the girls face towards her abdomen, while still making the "ErrrrrRRRRR!!!" sound. If done correctly, this will leave a brown streak from the womans nose down to her chin, similar to hot rubber left on the asphault from a car doing a burnout. If you burnout to fast though, you can lose control and swerve off the face, and bed (or other location) possibly causing injury, and leaving crooked shit streaks instead of straight ones.
Jeff: "Hey man, I finally talked my girlfriend into letting me burnout on her face last night!"

Brett: "Hell yes, that's awesome! What a slut!"

Jeff: "I know I realized afterwards that I didnt want to be in a relationship with a whore who would let me defile and demoralize her like that, so I gave her 20 bucks for cabfare and told her skank ass to get the fuck out."

Brett: "Dude, I just burned out on your sister after lunch today."
by jeffrotull87 January 10, 2012

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