verb meaning to unleash fiery destruction on unsuspecting peasants.
Trogdor burninated the village without mercy.
by Neil July 29, 2003
To cause chaotic immolation throughout the countryside, likely to peasants and their thatched-roof cottages.
"Trogdor went about burninating the countryside."
by Blackmac October 31, 2003
to set fire to something (usually peasants, thatch-roofed cottages and/or knights)
Trogdor burninates the countryside.
by Nico Robin July 29, 2003
To absolutely burn people cuz you can, and or your name is Trogdor. This is done by achieving inner peace, otherwise known as "Burnination".
Trogdor12:3 - "And Trogdor, the burninator laid fire upon ye unsuspecting peasants. Trogdor saw the burnination, and all was good."
by Trogdor Wannabee September 05, 2003
To set afire in a malicious manner.
And the Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination.
by beerstud April 08, 2003
alt. usage: to defeat soundly.
I totally burninated that chemistry test!

My football team just got burninated 45-0
by Logan G November 15, 2003
popularized by, describing the burning of peasants and cottages by Trogdor, a majestic dragon.
If they got in a fight, Trogdor would burninate Puff the Magic Dragon's @$$.
by max October 25, 2003

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