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A condition which starts with a gentle reminder that you have to shit. You sit down to shit like normal, but then suddenly, you feel a pain so horrible that you wish you are dead. This pain continues through multiple bowel movements. In time, your pain may ease.
"I don;t think I can ride a bicycle today. My ass is still sore from having a case of the burnies last night."
by Punchy McAssface Jr. April 18, 2010
(n.) an abbreviation of Burnett's Vodka & Gin.
Guy 1: "Yo, my contact is gonna pick us up some Burny, what flavor do you want?"

Guy 2: "Is that a question, dog? Green Apple Burny is the only answer!"

Guy 1: "Aw, fuck it dude! Let's just pay $5 more and get some Smirnoff."
by Da Sperminator April 18, 2011
Burnetts Vodka
Fuck man lets get some burnys tonight

We go thru at least ten bottles of burnys in a week at our crib at ball state
by callmedaddy32 December 12, 2009
late nineteenth century street term for cocaine, esp. in the New York area
As the gang members approached, their bravado and shining eyes told me that they had been heavy into the burny before this meeting.
by Alfred Thomas September 30, 2003
Burny is the code word between you and your girl friend, that means you want a blowjob from her.
I was wondering if I was good for a Burny?

A burny would be nice right now.
by skiddishest April 15, 2009
Ignorant people that celebrate their ignorance buy setting things on fire that they don't understand.
Torches, barns, witches, crosses, books, flags, Nikola Tesla's Lab. etc.

ie. - We were minding our own business when some Burny's rode up on horses. They told us they "don't like gays", then they lit my rainbow sticker on fire and took off!
by zothepeacemaker May 23, 2013
When you shit so much it feels like fire coming out of your ass.
I had the burnies so bad I was afraid to wipe!!
by spasian June 30, 2008
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