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A type of cheap vodka usually found in most college dorm rooms.
I got two handles of Burnett's for 20 bucks!
by McFool April 28, 2010
Probably the best flavored vodka out there considering how it's like $6.50 for a 750 ml bottle. It might not be as good as smirnoff's flavored vodka, but since it's still decent vodka and it's so much cheaper, you should atleast try it once. My favorite flavor is mango. don't get Burnett's unflavored vodka though. It tastes like shit.
This weekend I'm getting some Burnett's mango for $6.50, and it'll be enough to fuck up me and two other friends.
by somerandomkid420 May 13, 2008
burnett, means to be horny all the tame.... all day every day 24/7
dude my girl is a total burnett
by sureknow June 29, 2009
a shitty ass vodka that smells like rubbing alcohol
when my friends started drinking, i smelled the Burnett's and i thought that i was smelling rubbing alcohol
by sexybeast425 April 11, 2009
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