the lit part of a spliff, weed joints have a red burner, coke spliffs have a black burner
"im so fucked up, i smoked myself a spliff" what color was the burner? "black" that was coke u dumb fuck.
by Kansas April 08, 2005
1. Something worth keeping.
You heard that new Pastor Troy? Oh yeah number three is a burner.

I like your new chick, she's a burner
by elle belle February 05, 2005
Dirty Hippy who has mooched money so that they could join their dirty hippy friends in the least hospitable place in the country, the high desert of Nevada.
The group of burners were preceeded by their pack of lice and vile odor.
by alphahooker November 23, 2004
a colloquial term for side burns
dude, check out the burners on that mulleted metalhead over there.
by rar September 27, 2004
any japanese car
hey look at that burner
by hites March 29, 2003
when you stick a knife in a person's asshole for sexual pleasure. then you lick the shit off the knife.then inserts it into the penis and makes it come out the ass.
look at that burner bitch.
by big dick April 22, 2005
One who poops in line at a discount supermarket instead of farting, and stays in line.
Tina is such a mess. She did a burner on line at the Associated supermarket and she didn't even go home right away. She stayed in line, posted about it and bought her taco mix anyway.
by bighunkk July 16, 2016
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