What Myanmar was once called.
The Brits finally pulled out of Burma.

Yeah, let's call it Myanmar now.
by Raging Virus May 20, 2007
Top Definition
Internet slang. Abbreviation. Be Undressed and Ready My Angel.
"I'll be home soon, BURMA"
by shexypanda October 21, 2012
An expression coined when one cannot think of anything else to say.
Orig: the famous Monty Python sketch about the penguin on the television set. Graham Chapman forgot his line/lost his place, and improvised with the word 'burma'.

chapman: perhaps it came from next door.
cleese: penguins don't come from next door they come from the Antarctic!
chapman: Burma!
cleese: .....why'd you say 'burma'
chapman: I panicked

by ThePooka August 12, 2008
An undesirable female.
In order to officially qualify as a burma, the woman must meet at least two of the following three criteria:
1. She must be old.
2. She must be fat.
3. She must be mean, or have an otherwise exceptionally terrible personality.
The male equivalent of this word is burmo.
That burma just shit her pants at the grocery store.
Have you ever ever met Frank's mom? Such a burma, dude.
by smerdjik November 09, 2013
Be Upstairs Ready My Angel
When writing home from military, a suggestion that the extramarital lover be away for the weekend. See also polo and norwich
by Richard Osborne November 13, 2003
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