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A burka is a Halloween costume sometimes worn all year round by Muslims.
Dude! You don't need to cut two holes in a sheet just go buy a burka for Halloween.
by NaughtyKnickers2 March 24, 2012
When you cum in a girl's grill and then stick a sheet to her face. Like the superman but in facial style.
My girlfriend was so drunk last night that I gave her a burka and she didn't notice until she woke up and the sheets were crusted to her face.
by yonkie January 01, 2008
A loss of bowel control due to continuous sessions of anal penetration.
Oh my god, elliott gave me a burka last night!

Nolan: Mitch what is a burka like?
Mitch: Wanna find out?
Nolan: FUCK YES!
Mitch R: Can I join?
Nolan: FUCK YES!
by KHAGJHA October 12, 2007
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