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A painful, but usually temporary condition, whereby the male penis is literally raw and tender to the touch from extended periods of sexual intercourse. Burger Dick usually occurs after weekend long sex romps, hours of rough sex or extremely tight and tiny love holes. Redness, rawness and swelling are common conditions of Burger Dick.
Roger took his new girlfriend Carrie on a weekend get away. The ultimately never left the hotel room and had rough, uninhibited sex all weekend long. Roger went to work on Monday with a grimace on his face due to his severe case of Burger Dick. He was sore for several days.
by Auna Bender September 16, 2015
someone whose penis head resembles closley to a burger but more so under the influence of alcohol.
Johnny, Michael and Tom walk into a night club. they all go to the toilet and michael and johnny stand next to eachother. Johnny is a bit tipsy and stares down at michaels exposed genitals, giggles and remarks
Johnny: " HAHA your dick looks like a burger, man. like a burger... " and then faces back in the proper direction.
Tom: (from behind cubicle) " Burgerdick!"
by monkeydonian historian March 19, 2009
noun - The inability to become sexually aroused due to the consumption of a hamburger.
Hot naked 20-something year old girl: "Hey, I'm naked on your porch! Come fuck me!"

Old man: "Oh, I can't...I just ate a burger. I have burger dick..."
by Chuck Shaw April 11, 2009
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