To have sex in a car. Also known as, "smashing"
They burgerking-ed last night in the parking lot of BK!
by Hu Hi October 09, 2010
A restaurant that mostly serves dead cat's and human shit in the form of food.
Don't be fooled by the value meal, Because you will surely get poop poisoning :(
"hey man my food taste like crap"
"did you go to Burger king?"
"O dude they totally use human brown matter in there meat.
by elliott530 April 15, 2013
A shitty, greedy fast food franchise owned by fat managers who sit on their lap behind their desks all day watching the money flow into their fat bank accounts while illegally cutting down rainforest in developing countries just to be able to produce beef.

After they lowered the company taxes here, EVERY single fast food franchise lowered their prices, except Burger King. 100% legitimate sign of greed and unwillingness to satisfy customers.

The service is also shitty, a few weeks ago i went there and ordered a Crispy Chicken meal, i clearly stated that i wanted NO sauce, salad or anything, just the plain burger, and of course the idiots got my order wrong. I kindly went back and asked if they could replace it, but their answer?

- Sorry, we can't replace your burger, there are other customers waiting and we can't spend so much, sorry.

Seriously, WTF? I eventually threatened to file a suit against the restaurant for not giving me something i paid for, firstly then she replaced it and gave me some of the money back too. I guess she wasn't that bad afterall, i can imagine that the managers brainwashed them into just being quick and don't give shit about what the customer wants.

So my advice is to stay away from Burger King, there's so much better food to spend your money on, if you're going to eat fast food atleast go to a proper place like McDonald's, friendly service and for once the staff is willing to treat their customers nice, also the prices are cheaper etc.
Burger King has been caught several times with destroying villager's homes in tropical zones and burning and chopping down the rainforests there just to put their own interests in agriculture etc, this poses a serious threat to the environment and the local habitation.
by Nangko January 27, 2012
also: BK
An abbreviation for a major Boner Killer. The mere thought of this homely individual will snuff out the most raging boner.
guy 1: I was going to have to stand up to do my presentation for the class in like 30 seconds, and i had this gigantic rager that wouldn't quit!
guy 2: Oh no! What happened?
guy 1: Luckily the girl presenting before me was a 250 pound bra-less burger king, with gnarly camel toe to boot...
guy 2: Dear God, your boner never stood a chance.
guy 1: Yeah, I nearly felt sorry for it.
by WakMan October 08, 2008
a place where McDonald haters eat saying McDonalds is unhealthy, when Burger King is actually worse.
Everyone says McDonalds is bad so I'll eat at Burger King and assume it's better.
by Rokuro October 11, 2009
1: A place for total losers where they can flip burgers.
2: A fat guy who eats lots of fastfood and who is pretty impressive because of his size.
1: That nizzle works at burgerking, still thinks he's da shiznit. Guess what: he aint.

2: Look at that guy stuffing his face, he is a real burgerking.

2: wowow.. beware of that burgerking coming our way, he will step on your kid.
by kukel June 10, 2003
A well-known fast food joint.
I only ate from Burger King once, my burger was over cooked, and the fries tasted very defrosted.
by Epic Fail Girl January 30, 2008
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