A food dweling that has speedy service. Burger King has complicated, innovate, bellow par food products, for instance the BK burger shots; they are so little, and tasty. Burger King makes it's customers feel as if they are cheap royalty by giving them paper crownds. Bk has a great mascot that always has a smiling face, and is appearing to make people's lives better.
"Wow where did you get that cute, little burger at?"

"Oh this, got it at Burger King"

"Woah Burger King is so orginal and unike any other cheap, burger joint, bk rocks"

"Yeah girl it does"
by kelso gauda April 09, 2009
A fast food restaurant in which real burgers and real fries are sold. Only one single Whopper will make you cry "Mercy!" and have you full within the first 5 bites. Fries are deep fried heaven. On a scale of 1-10 on how much it beats McDonald's, BK gets a 20.

In other words, MUCH better than McDick's plastic fries and burgers.
Man #1: "Oh man, the king satisfied me so much last night."

Man #2: "You had sex with a king last night?"

Man #3: "Nah man, I had a Double Whopper from Burger King at 1 in the morning."
by Fesse McDokechek January 06, 2010
To suddenly appear in someone's face when they aren't expecting it. Bein all creepy like the Burger King in the Burger King commercial.
I shit my pants in terror when you Burger Kinged me as I came out of the bathroom.
by Jorge Junior March 31, 2010
A fast food restaurant which is better than McDonald's and you can have it your way.
Person 1: Let go eat at Mcdonalds

Person 2: No way! Let's eat at burger king we can have it are way.
by Mimi W. February 14, 2011
Typically used in casual conversation in place of the phrase, "have it your way," as that is the slogan of the fast food resaraunt.
Man1:"Hey dude, can you give me five bucks?"
Man2:"No mate, I need that money for cigarettes."
Man1:"Awww come onnnnnn, gimmie the money!"
Man2:"FINE! Burger King, bitch. Now fuck off outta here."
by Kost Amojan September 19, 2010
1. A popular, second-rate American fast food restaraunt
2. A verb, commonly used in Babylon, NY that denotes an act of hardcore, often vicious sexual intercourse in which the receiving partner sustains grave wounds or is even killed.
1. "Bro I went to Burger King last night and I found cat shit in my nuggets"
2. "hey man I was Burger Kinging this bitch in my car and I had to take her to the emergency room afterwards"
by RootBeer July 16, 2012
Burgerking; the act of being a burgerker, going burgerk.
Similar to 'berserk', but far more whimsical and fun.
Also far more irritating, annoying, and exasperating to anyone in the vicinity who is not burgerking.
"I tried to study with Frank but he was burgerking around too much."

"Ben partied so hard he just went burgerk and murdered all the eskimos at his igloo party. But in a fun way."
by Mr. Fezziwig January 21, 2009
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