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Better than McDonald's
Burger King owns McDonald's face.
by Dave March 08, 2005
I got food poisoning from eating their food.
Fuck Burger King and their poorly cooked shit.
by kid July 22, 2003
A burger place I haven't eaten in for 5 years. Their fries have been remade several times and they still suck. Their burgers suck too aside from a few.
Burger king sucks, their new commercials with a guy in a King outfit is fucking scary.
by Oz April 19, 2005
A place where stupid people go to eat disgustingly unhealthy food, served to them by staff who are mostly just as disgustly unhealthy and stupid themselves.
(tip, if you want to know what eating fast food does to you, take a look at the overweight, greasy faced, mank haired guy/girl who serves you your food)
Q "where shall we go to eat tonight, honey?"
A "anywhere but burger king"
by Super Matt 57 January 05, 2005
Home of the flame-broiled whopper, and the rest of crappy unfinished burgers that gives you a bad aftertaste that lasts almost 24 hours
Burger King is only good for their alternate orders, like drinks and fries.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 10, 2003
Second-best burgers in the world after Hardees
Cash: Yo, Doug, man, got a dolla? I'm hittin Burger King.
Doug: Shit, man, just bought me some munchies there, I'm out.
by Burga Playa July 26, 2003
A fast food chain restaurant that makes hamburgers. Where there's a Burger King, you can be sure that there's a Church's in less than a mile away. Their food tastes like cardboard and smells like Crayola Crayons.
Burger King tastes like shit. At least McDonald's and Wendy's tastes better. People say McDonald's kill you but I don't give a damn because they taste better than BK and that's what matters.
#burger king #fast food #shit #cardboard #crayola #crayons #mcdonald's #wendy's
by DOH!_Boy January 23, 2007
They suck. Their food is decent. You only get one pack of sauce, and you have to pay money for every pack after that.
Burger king fuckin' sucks.
by Yo Momma December 28, 2004
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