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Better than McDonald's
Burger King owns McDonald's face.
by Dave March 08, 2005
a place where you would go to order a whopper, a soggy flame-broiled hamburger made mostly of soy but still delicious because it is soggy, if you didn't dread the side of fried styrofoam they call french fries deep fried with onions. burger king french fries are not to be confused with the delicacy made of potatos and called by the same name.

because the french fries at the competitors are made with more potato flavor, you usually opt instead for a big classic, a pan fried square hamburger made of beef and flavored with extra beef sauce, at wendys, or a big mac, a pan fried stacked hamburger made of soy and served with a special sauce made of ketchup, mayonaise, and rat tails, at mcdonalds.
friend 1: you want to go to burger king for a whopper?

friend 2: no, let's go to wendy's or mcdonald's. burger king french fries suck worse than ever.
by Jeep In Desert January 18, 2008
a place where they spit in your food and say its mayo.
angel walks into burger king and orders a hamburger rudely she turns around 4 5 seconds the worker spits in her food.
angel goes to sit down and munches into her burger "this mayo is delicious i have neva tasted anything like it before i want the recipe"
by Ash4lyfe April 17, 2008
its when a male Ejaculates on a female's top of the head and he puts the BURGER KING hat on the female. IT HAS TO BE THE BURGER KING HAT!
The man did the burger king on the lady.
by Gonzalo Juan July 22, 2008
Another fast food chain selling fat injections for 3.99. Higher dose fat injection available for 50 cent more. Burnt hamburger patties, wilted lettuce, excessive use of mayonaise, and intentionally stale french fries featured here.
Friend: Hey, want to eat at Burger King today?

Me: Mouth full of charcoal? I'll pass..
by JukeJointJezebel July 12, 2006
Once I ate a hamburger from them. That night I got bad diarrhea.
It was painful.
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
typical American fast food outlet which has outspread its' greasy claws to every corner of the Earth.

horrible service at every UK store I've been to: employees don't speak English, are unable to use a till and take on average five minutes to get your entire meal to the front counter. and the meat is always burnt.
if you want 100g of fat in a burger, go to McDonald's instead of Burger King
by blue March 30, 2004
A low priced fast food restaurant where one goes after 10 consecutive days of constipation in order to achieve an enema like effect with minimal damage!
I lost 10 pounds from using the shitter so much after eating burger king for supper!
by Rosie November 15, 2003
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