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Better than McDonald's
Burger King owns McDonald's face.
by Dave March 08, 2005
verb, To agree upon conditions that are favorable to one party.
"I don't want to spend all day arguing with you, I just want to burger king it and get out of here."
by Collin Cannaday April 14, 2008
A minimum waged hell hole that evolves around a huge-ass sandwhich with lots of calories. Typically more dirty than a McDonald's and also hires more arrogant ass-holes than any other fast food joint.
Would you like cheese on that Burger King Whopper?
by Alyssa6356354698465434765434 April 07, 2008
A cleverly disguised nickname that implies that the subject has to have everything "There Way" just like the restaurant's campaign slogan, "Have It Your Way"
"Dude, I'm so pissed at Burger King right now. She got all butt hurt when I didn't give her a ride to the mall."
by McPoofy December 09, 2007

Fast food complaint forum! Come check it out! I hated working in fast food so I made a forum for everyone who works or worked in fast food. Come share your stories.
I hate McDonald's and Burger King!
by ChickenMan2006 April 09, 2006
A slang term for the Home of the Whopper.
"Yo mane, I'm going to Burger King, what chu need, what chu need."
"You mean the Home of the Whopper?"
"My bad, mane."
by Banniker April 09, 2007
A fun place to hang out in Eastlake. It's fun to bother the manager Pat.
Burger King
by ¤ GiLL ¤ June 08, 2003
A very crappy restaurant where the burgers are all greasy and fatening, the fries are stale half the time, and it is EXPENSIVE as hell. And Burger King doesn't give you a choice. McDonalds at least has a dollar menu in which you can get a burger for cheap. Everything in Burger King is a expensive whopper that tastes like crap.

McDonalds also has cool stuff such that could kick Dairy Queen's ass, you can get pie, and the coffee is better than Starbucks. What you get a burger king...big whopper and supersized fries for $15. The only thing decent is the commercials and the gay ass paper crowns.

McDonalds is really more have it your is have it our way or get out of here.
McDonalds is the lesser of the two evils. Burger King sucks.
by Kyle230 June 25, 2009

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