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1) the wendy's chick, the worst fast food place ever, its gross

2)someone who eats small burgers (dollar burgers) or wendy's
1:No one likes burger bitch, the baconator sucked

2:Earnest: lets get some mcdoubles
me: you burger bitch, we're getting King!
#earnest #wendy's #burger #bitch #redhead
by guyinfifth June 01, 2009
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A bitch who hides your keys so you cant drive while extremely intoxicated and talking out of your ass.
drunk girl #1 "WHERE ARE MY KEYS??"
drunk girl #2 "I dont fucking know where your keys are!"
drunk girl #1 "Yes you do! You Burger Bitch!!!"
#burger #bitch #drunk #girl #phe
by Fabulous 4 December 05, 2008
A girl who's ordinary. There's nothing redeeming or special about her. The same way hamburgers are ordinary until you add things like cheese, ketchup or other condiments. Relating to fast food, a burger bitch is also easy to please and cheap looking.
She's not cute. She's just a typical burger bitch.
by rosegoldjesuspieces December 19, 2015
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