A Lame ass nigga who just loves to talk about getting $$$ and never does!!! A broke ass that just loves to waiste a girls time.
" U need to leave them burgas alone n make a steak upgrade."-- FABOLOUS

" Fuck that "Burga" hes broke anyway!! lol
by Stuntin on these hoes August 04, 2007
Top Definition
burgas is one of the coolest cities in Bulgaria!!
Beach, clubs, beautiful woman and men!
person1: man, have you been to Burgas in Bulgaria?
person2: yeah man, it was so awesome, i never wanted to leave!
by Nickolay November 11, 2006
A slang word, literally translating to Black Bastard. Mostly compared to the words fuck and hell. Can be interchangeable with many cuss words in most situations.
Dude, that bird just layed a huge Burga on that kid.
by Bartholemew Mattanzaro January 23, 2007
A short, fat, hairy, and stout dick.
Dude, I been sucking too many burgas.
by Booby Sunshinu April 21, 2009
A generally uncool person, one that is severely behind the times and doesn't quite get it.
Dude: Oh man, I love that rickroll song!

Dude 2: You a burga, bro
by OBAMA_LIEKS_MUDKIPZ March 22, 2010
in, of, or about a Burga. A Noun used to describe a pudgy, jewish boy with roots in NY.

Word comes from a young gentlemen named Adam who works in Manhattan -

Mostly used in question form?
How's your burga doin?
Have you seen the size of my burga?
Wanna touch my burga?

Walk over to the printer - you will get to see a burgahhhhhh!!
by Sack January 11, 2005
A short, fat, nasty, hairy penis.
that guy will never get a girl with his "burga".
by i started this word May 05, 2009
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