Combination burp and barf. When you feel a burp coming on and try to help it along but when it comes, so does a little barf.
That guy tried to burp in his girlfriend's face but he ended up burfing on her instead.
by sweetsterv June 09, 2009
Top Definition
Bus surfing; riding a bus standing up, without using your hands to hold on or steady yourself. Best enjoyed on an empty section of the bus. Competitive burfing must consist of at least two rounds, so that players can switch places each round for an equal advantage throughout the game.
Her ankles felt like jelly from burfing the West Seattle Bridge on the way home.
by Random Dent February 08, 2008
literally means Boat Surfing. The use of a boat to surf waves. Jet skis can also be used. This a very dangerous sport that requires skill and good equipment and should only be undertaken by professional badasses like Ron and Conrad in Conrad's 17ft boston whaler while listening to Megadeth.
the swell was pumping so ron and i went burfing out side of the surfers and put the fear of good into those pussy bitches
by captain badass February 15, 2006
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