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January 18th, when everyone is supposed to walk slowly, talk slowly, vandelize neighborhood signs, benches, fences, ect. If the day is on a school day, do not go to school, do not tell your parents you're not going to school, don't call in and let the school know, just don't go. Instead, go to a busy mall, get an empty cart, never buy anything but go to all the small stores and look at stuff in the thin isles for a long time. If you do buy something, buy it in unrolled nickles and dimes. If you have the pennies, thats a plus. Also, count out each coin at a time, and half way through pretend to mess up and start over. That is one of the thousands of things you can do on this day.
Justin ~"Man, did you see what Alan and Regan did on Burdon On Society Day?"
Cody ~ "Yeah, that bench with the car dealer's face on it had a cock in his mouth!"
by P.J.Scene March 22, 2007
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