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Significance of much, used when something is large or rich in quantity
That's burda good

That chick is burda hot !

The car is burda big (Meaning to weight or large)
by Detallado March 03, 2009
one who goes above and beyond the call of duty for no reason other than a pure sense of honor
a guy working a 33 1/2 hour-long shift to save the company he works for from drowning even though they pay him next to nothing: "you just pulled a Burda"
by buddahburda August 29, 2008
1. To fake a sick day at work to avoid a deadline.
2. To leave a party early without excuse or telling anyone.
3. To pike
I'm thinking of pulling a Burda to get out of tomorrow's meeting.
Dude, you totally pulled a Burda on Friday.
by Sir Mountable February 28, 2008
A word only used by the people who are annoying enough to use it. also is known as the cleaning maid's name on "Two and a Half Men".
"That Tree we smoked earlier was burda as fuck"
IN actuality it's people who say that word, mostly suburbanites that i know of, trying to be cool starting a new word trend.
by PLAYUHhater November 26, 2009