to screw something up. Also can be used in place of any unnamed male homosexual activity.
"Who burched this cable installation?" or "He was burching his boyfriend last night."
by Kyle Faber November 15, 2006
Top Definition
Adj or Noun - to describe a person who has problems with speaking the truth, someone who believes in lies; a person who just loves to argue his point even when he is wrong and making an ass of himself.
Justin : The Big 12 is the best baseball conference in the nation and Texas would win the National League if deemed legal to play professional baseball as a team.

Aaron : Okay Burch.

Hill : Mark and I are not dating!

Cam : Whatever, Burch
by oxford bound June 30, 2009
Sucking down someones 2-liter with total disregard of them wanting to ever drink out of that bottle again. Usually confused with a holke- one who normally just sucks down the 2 liters but leaves excess beard-hair on the opening of the bottle.
"Damn, no need to burch the whole bottle of pepsi."
"Rob totally sucks, he burched my sunkist before I could even try it"
by ChosenGeet, I'm Geeting. November 25, 2007
1. (v)to intervene when others are doing a good job and thru your actions result in the job being done exceptionally poor.
2. (v)to completely miss the point and result in failure.
3. (v)to, in a professional setting, take twice the time, twice the money and twice the resources to do a job half as good as a novice's first attempt.
4. (v)to blunder with extreme ignorance.
5. (v)to fail, but claim victory.
6. (v)to walk away from or abandon adversity.
7. (v) to fail, be given an opportunity to correct failure, then try to merely achieve original failure.
1. I was trying to tighten the bolts with a ratchet and the boss placed his hand over mine to use the ratchet. Literally holding my hand. When we added coolant it went everywhere. He totally burched it.
2. "I wiped my jacket as clean as I could manage and said, 'You burched it. I didn't literally want the shit to hit the fan."
3. I knew he'd burched it when he hired two zoo keepers and bought 3 monkeys just to open that banana.
4. Scott: Girls aren't as good at anything as boys.
Joe: That's a pretty burched opinion.
5. The boat had capsized, but an air pocket kept it afloat. When he told the passengers, "At least it's still afloat," they all knew he had burched it.
6. Blair: where is he going?
Jim: He's leaving. He couldn't add 7 to 35.
Blair. So he just burched it?
7. He landed in the pond and we gave him a mulligan. He burched it. He's in the pond again.
by captainchez April 01, 2015
Eg. 'Burching it.'

When you fuck up so badly that you can't even begin to comprehend what you did wrong.

Person 1 - 'Hey man, I heard your open relationship with your wife isn't working out and she's leaving you.'

Burch - 'Yeah, I guess she just couldn't handle coming home late every night.'


Person 1 - 'So I hear that people don't really like your writing, they say it feels forced.'

Burch - 'Yeah, thanks.'
by adrgagadfg October 18, 2014
An absolute weapon who bleats all day about houses, often takes people to a Friday Gun Show, and is a proper beanpole.
That fella is a proper Burches
by df32 June 06, 2014
Noun. one who exhibits certain lofty traits of Mark Burchett.

Verb. To commit an act that exemplifies everything that Mark "Burch" Burchett considers normal. I.e. bragging about having the sharpest pencil in class. Or keeping track of your field goal percentage in beer pong.
Noun. God you're being such a Burch.

Verb. Wow you really Burched that one just now.
by Hilyardo October 08, 2010
To screw something up. Also can be used in place of any unnamed male homosexual activity.
"Who burched this cable installation?"

"He was burching his boyfriend last night."
by sexmachine*b February 09, 2010
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