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Suburban person with very limited world experience outside of their home-burb, and an elevated self image. Very apt to seek self identity through conservative political parties, social groups, trendy clothing (often Western), churches and unnecessarily large automobiles not fit for the urban environment.

Will always expect others to see the world through their own sensibilities and will quickly grow violently hostile toward those that do not accept that point of view. Generally dismissive of skills or talents they do not posses and usually only associates with immediate family, people from work and members of their church.

May not appreciate art outside of country music.
Often obsessed with being a good 'patriot' and 'winning' the rat race.
If you dress in a suit and tie while driving a dually with an American flag mounted on the window, only actually use the dually to take your 40ft. fifth wheel 'camping' at the local park, and force your wife to drive this dually to work so she can be 'safe' on the road- you just might be a Burbneck!
by Angry Ike November 12, 2013
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