Ordering exactly the right amount of food for a group of people in a restaurant/takeaway to satisfy everyone's hunger. i.e. all the food on the table is eaten up and no-one is hungry
We had a burbage last night with the food we ordered from the Indian
by Nick KM May 20, 2004
Top Definition
Once a town in its own right, now is considered the east side of Hinckley by all but those who live there.

A safe distance from the trouble spots, known home to NIMBYs

Burbagism - 1.thinking one is superior to those who residing merely metres away, despite relying on their train station, supermarkets and shops day to day.
1.a"I live in Burbage"

b"Oh, you mean Hinckley?"

2. Burbagite "Are you local?"

Hinckleyite "Yes, I live just the other side of the railway"

Burbageite leaves conversation
by S123LTH October 14, 2011
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