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The act of pulling your penis out of a woman's mouth during oral sex and slapping it against her chin. This usually gives the cock gobbler the impression that you will be face basting her, but in reality it is nothing more than a disrespectful gesture designed to reaffirm how much you don't respect her.
Guy: You like that bitch?

Skank: Gurgle, gulp, glip, glunk, slurp

Guy: God you are a filthy whore!

Guy goes bunting

Skank: Oh yeah, all over my face!

Guy: I wouldn't give you the satisfaction...
by Kevin Breunig November 24, 2009
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"Bunting" is a sexual act between two females in which the women lean backwards and ram their lower torsos (pelvic area and thighs) together repeatedly for sexual satisfaction.
Passerby 1: "What's all that grunting coming from the softball dugout?"

Passerby 2: "I'm not sure, but I think it's a bunch of women bunting like rabbits."
by 1021 June 18, 2011
When you don't even make it to first base, you don't even get a kiss.
Teenager 1: How was your date with Donna?
Teenager 2: Only bunting, nothing happened.
by tbrugoa July 19, 2006
Obsessive. Stuck in the loop. To become obsessed in a pointless, addictive, creative task to the detriment of the everything else in your life.
She's gone completely bunting .
by mohairbearboy September 20, 2010
When you place bread in another persons ass and give them the time of their life. Doing anything you wish but with bread in their ass.
"Hey jack, I made Jenny feel special last night when I put that bread in her ass.. wow she moaned. Best Bunting ever."
by Mr. spider thrower May 18, 2014
The act of a man stuffing his penis into a womans anal cavity while she is in missionary possition but it dosent fit all the way..thus creating the image of "bunting" commononly seen in porno flicks
I bet lady gaga enjoys BUNTING
by sausagecakes July 12, 2010
Bunting (Verb) bunting is the action of being a friend to the opposite sex and having no chance of sexual relations, yet continuing to try.

Bunt (Noun) bunt is a name for someone who is friendzoned or doesn't have a chance with a friend of the opposite gender but they don't give up.
Bunting: (verb) "Dude, she strait said you were friendzoned, but you are still trying to hit that? Stop bunting man."

Bunt: (noun) "This is the third girl this year who's friendzoned you but you keep trying. You're such a bunt."
by Meowzers111 June 22, 2014

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