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1. (noun)
a) a collection of intimate items, used to increase sexual energy and excitement

b) an intimate experience of fun and enlightened play between two adults

2. (verb) sexually liven something up

3. (adj - as "bunnyjuiced") love drunk, not holding back
1. I could use some bunnyjuice tonight. / Did you pack the bunnyjuice? / Where did you hide the bunnyjuice?
by gurly101 April 29, 2011
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or, more specifically, Bunny juice.
The tasty treat secreted by Bunny's cookie when I chow down on it. (i.e.- eat her pussy)

similar to pussy juice, girlie cum, cunny honey
PK: I'm thirsty...

DB: What do you want to drink?

PK: I want me some Bunny juice!
by P T Kitty April 24, 2005
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