Clingy possesive overbearing psycho bitch of a girlfriend. (think fatal attraction)
Julie Findlay
by mista fuse motha fucka May 26, 2003
A Bunny Boiler refers to the movie Fatal Attraction where Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) boils the family pet, a bunny, of Dan Gallagher's (Michael Douglas) family in retaliation for him rejecting her.

A Bunny Boiler is always a woman. Men are referred by other terms, but the term Bunny Boiler is used only for women.
Guy A: Dude, there is a broad staring at you like she wants to cut your head off.

Guy B: Oh man, that chick is a trip. I tapped that once and now she thinks we're married or something.

Guy A: How bad is it? Is she a Bunny Boiler?

Guy B: Yeah, she may be. This one is a psycho hose beast. I don't have any pets, but if I did I'm sure they'd be part of a stew right now.

Guy A: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
by Juderunner May 17, 2009
A female stalker, a fatal attraction.
A woman who get's a relationship twisted and crosses boundaries as set in the game of lust. This woman will bust your windows, key your car and try and cut your new girl. She will boil your pet bunny! She is a creep. A Glenn Close bunny boiler.
by Miss Rachael February 26, 2009
just a special note for some of you who have defined bunny boiler. the key bunny boiler characteristic is such that a bunny boiler is not the girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, wife etc. of the man who's bunny gets boiled. she is just some skank who he, maybe, poked in the whiskers or gave it too one time on a whim or a dare (or request) from a friend when he was drunk. really having no liability whatsoever, not even a requirement to call.
yeah, my housemate of spring semester my first senior year asked me to give it to one of her buddies so i told i would if i were really drunk. she got me drunk and took care of me, i threw up after being dragged to my bedroom by the skank and then was asked to brush my teeth and taken to bed in a very suggestable drunken (read shmattered) state. the bunny boiler thinks we have a relationship some 13 years later or some shit and she thinks we have dated in between as well. uh, no, no we didn't, now go away. I need WITSEC.
by nick May 09, 2006
Calmer version of a Rabbit Roaster
She was a sick Bunny Boiler but not quite as bad as the Rabbit Roaster I once had..
by Elusive Leader September 17, 2008
Someone who dresses, acts, speaks sp weird they seem like they would kill animals for fun
"Did you see what Alex was wearing last night, he seemed like such a bunny boiler"
"I can't believe she said that! That is so bunny boiler of her"
"He's been acting real bunny boiler lately"
by bunny boiler July 11, 2015
a person who is so obsessed with another they will boil your pet bunny for attention.
see Fatal Attraction. "I liked dating Ryan, but he got obsessive, seemed like a bunny boiler"
by Coot77 May 31, 2009
Gump is a person that insists on tying down the latest victim to a state of marriage, engagement or co-inhabiting, all pretty much within 2 weeks, this is a tactic used in the hope that they wont run for cover, infact, one victim developed a day time sleeping disorder just to get rid of the one we call gump.
gump is such a bunny boiler. The ones that dont get away fall under the bracket of being 'gumped'

by im not gump January 26, 2009
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