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A patch of hair above a guy/girl's ass.
He has a hot, smooth body except for his bunny tail.
by Hardwin x. Cited August 16, 2009
An area of peach fuzz-ish hair on a girl's lower back, just above her bum.
I don't care what you say Miguel, I think a bunny tail is hotter than a tramp stamp.
by Park Il-sun January 30, 2008
Female that has hairy ass crack.
I was hitting this bitch from the back, and look down to see a big big fat bunnytail.
by digerati December 05, 2003
When pubic hair extends around the anus forming a nappy tail. More noticable when a person doesn't shave all the way down and it grows to a little bush.
Melissa's bunny tail always shows around her thong, precariously perched behind her camel toes.
by Basketball Jones April 02, 2004
(noun) a large amount of public hair around a woman's asshole.
Yo, I was totally bangin this chic from the back side, and then I saw she had a bunny tail and a barfed all over her.
by cybertoothhellcat October 25, 2007
when a guy only takes half a crap, the girl paints it white while pecking on it with her nose
"Yo that girl just bunny tail me!"
by supa six August 21, 2008