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The kind of kisses a bunny gives. (Quick, little licks.)
The bunny is giving me bunny kisses!
by CCkizz July 10, 2008
When two people rub or press noses together. It is usually an innocent expression of affection, often shared between family.

The act is sometimes called an eskimo kiss in Western countries because of an early stereotype about Arctic natives. It is similar in performance to the "kunik" of some Inuit cultures and the Maori hongi.
"Last night was awesome, bro. Third base! Next date, I'm in."

"Bullshit. I saw her give you a bunny kiss on the porch. You're in the friend zone."
by Ironmaus January 02, 2012
When a man pulls his jean pockets inside out to form bunny like ears and gets a blow job.
Come over here and give me a bunny kiss (pulls out pockets and unzips)
by Bugs Bunny July 02, 2003

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