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Noun. An amazing, incredible or miraculous avoidance of a traffic disaster whilst travelling at reckless speeds, often involving teenagers or alcoholics/crack addicts. Named in honour of Sherriff John Bunnell's voice-over commentary on the TV series 'World's Wildest Police Videos', in which he proclaims many of the fleeing suspects to have 'amazingly', 'incredibly' etc. cheated death in their high-speed attempts to escape.
'Luckily the driver pulled a Bunnell or the aftermath could have been much more serious'.
by DMCG May 08, 2005
The act of shitting your pants, or getting shit all over a chair, bed or other object not including the toilet.
I don't remember it, but my friends told me I bunnelled all over the lawn char. There was shit everywhere.
by SimonBergeron December 06, 2010