Where one girl lays on top of a another
girl like a bunkbed and then you have sex with one and then the other one
continuesly switching back and forth.
Mario totally bunkbeded those two chicks.
Im totally gonna bunkbeding those chicks.
I gave them the bunkbed treatment.
by Mahirro March 24, 2008
Top Definition
A place where no one will ever have sex.
Girl 1: I really wanted to have sex with him but when i saw his bunk bed I went home.

Girl 2: Yea the same thing happened to me too but i just made him get rid of the top bunk, so it was just a normal bed.
by Noahakmen November 16, 2009
What you build to make room for activities.
Dale: The bunk beds look amazing! Look at that! It looks like one you'd buy from a store! Look at all this floor space!

Brennan: SO many activities!
by Dr. Doback July 28, 2010
When 2 people use the same toilet at the same time. One person using the normal seating position on the bowl, and the other takes a seat on the top tank Upper Decker. Term originated at a warehouse in Holbrook, Long Island.
All the stalls but one were full, so me and Jose did BUNK BEDS in the only empty stall.
by Will Zone April 15, 2003
When you go into a QDOBA bathroom and the toilet is broken and full of someone else's poop. You have to poop really bad, so you poop on top of someone else's poop and toilet paper; with no choice but to leave the whole mess for some poor employee.
The other day I went to QDOBA and had to pull a bunk bed. Those pork tacos almost make me shit my pants every time.
by ShitProblems January 20, 2012
An invention to create more room for activities. Often mistaken for a contraption for sleeping.
"Look, we made bunk beds. Now we have so much room for activities, like aerobics!"
"This is how we do it"
by Peppy dont January 16, 2014
bunk bed-when someone has an ugly face but a hot rockin body therefore it is acceptable to sleep with him/her
Brintney spears is so bunk bed
by Rahul Goswami June 20, 2005
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