lookin stupid,or boring.
Mann,this school is bunk
by big money gripp September 25, 2003
Shitty, crappy
You got bunk weed
Stop talkin bunk
by Brad June 20, 2003
Various drinks mixed together to make one deadly terrible tasting beverage. Usually used when in desperate need of a drunk. It is also common for grade 9 and 10 students to drink bunk on the weekends when they have no one else to grab.
"I'v got a 6-pack what did you bring?"
"Oh all i could find was bunk."
by Evannnnnnnnn June 23, 2007
Britney Spears' bottom junk, hence bunk.
Literal meaning: dirty, used, disease ridden.
Synonyms: 7:20 AM, gnarles bunkley, etc.
"Yo she's kinda hot"
"Nah man, she's so bunk, she hooked up with Stacy last weekend, that girl gets around"
"Oh, bunk. So, so bunk"
by Gnarles Barkley December 27, 2006
1. used to describe a repulsive, disgusting, annoying girl
2. as an exclamation of disappointment or disgust, sounds even better when joined with hella
-Dude! That's one bunk-ass bitch!!
-I can't believe she did that! Thats hella bunk!
by ashley February 14, 2005
Something that smells like a mix of shit, dirt, and polution. It can be applied to anything shity.
This lame-ass cow town smells bunk.
by Sara February 05, 2005
1)Something, or someone that is displeasing both visually and in the present setting.

2) Something that has gone rancid or sour
You are one bunk bitch

Your pits are bunk
by Cleavus Johnson March 03, 2004

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