Bunk meaning stupid, boring,or just plain not fun.
This band is bunk, we shouldn't have even came.
by Brooklyn February 27, 2005
Something that smells like a mix of shit, dirt, and polution. It can be applied to anything shity.
This lame-ass cow town smells bunk.
by Sara February 05, 2005
Horrible; bad; lame; not rad
Dude let's ditch this bunk ass party!
by Arielle December 29, 2004
when something is "stupid" "crappy or "dumb"
"Man, that's Bunk that the cops busted us, BUNK!"
by Starla Blue November 18, 2004
sound of a missed jumper.
your jumper is like bunk.
by noss February 12, 2004
if it aint worth the dime you payed, your sitting around with a headache mad at yourself!
i couldnt help it man, i needed some weed and i didnt go in after the sack for myself! (always a dumb ass mistake).
by msplatnum03 February 02, 2004
when something of yours(i.e. your life) is made horrible.
Ken-dude, i'm gonna kick this kid mike's ass
Chris-make sure to make his life as bunk as possible
by kdub December 15, 2003

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