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Bunk meaning stupid, boring,or just plain not fun.
This band is bunk, we shouldn't have even came.
by Brooklyn February 27, 2005
2 4
Something that smells like a mix of shit, dirt, and polution. It can be applied to anything shity.
This lame-ass cow town smells bunk.
by Sara February 05, 2005
6 8
Horrible; bad; lame; not rad
Dude let's ditch this bunk ass party!
by Arielle December 29, 2004
3 5
when something is "stupid" "crappy or "dumb"
"Man, that's Bunk that the cops busted us, BUNK!"
by Starla Blue November 18, 2004
6 8
sound of a missed jumper.
your jumper is like bunk.
by noss February 12, 2004
3 5
if it aint worth the dime you payed, your sitting around with a headache mad at yourself!
i couldnt help it man, i needed some weed and i didnt go in after the sack for myself! (always a dumb ass mistake).
by msplatnum03 February 02, 2004
4 6
when something of yours(i.e. your life) is made horrible.
Ken-dude, i'm gonna kick this kid mike's ass
Chris-make sure to make his life as bunk as possible
by kdub December 15, 2003
1 3