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Word to describe a Vagina in it worse condition; a smelly or gross vagina
Fuuucckk...that bitch is bunk, i can smell that shight from here...uuggh
by Troy May 03, 2003
The shittiest of the shittiest, a big fat buzzkill
"Damn, this shit is bunk!!!"
by BbyGreen January 18, 2012
Slang used to denote the unattractiveness and sloppiness of a woman's ass.
Guy A: Bro, we should call up those Jersey broads and get them over here tonight.

Guy B: No way, dude. Those broads have bunk asses
by A random Larry April 20, 2010
Bitch + junk
Man, that girl is bunk.
by rsurfs March 30, 2009
The term describing a process that is utterly and totally disgusting, fucked up, or nasty.
Boy: "Dad, did you just see that angry terrorist eat that young happy baby?"

Dad: "Yea son that shit was totally bunk! Lets run before he decides to eat you because i know i'll already be the fuck out of here.
by kkladuke32 November 20, 2007
Something unpleasent or makes no sense
"That math test was fucking bunk!"
by Brian Griffin September 28, 2007
Combination of getting Crunk and Buck!
"We got so bunk last night!"
by Susan Mary September 09, 2007