An adjective describing the stupidity or unapproval of a person/activity... or anything in general
Yo, why weren't you out bowling last night?
What? ...Nah man, that shit's bunk
by Kottage December 14, 2007
The term describing a process that is utterly and totally disgusting, fucked up, or nasty.
Boy: "Dad, did you just see that angry terrorist eat that young happy baby?"

Dad: "Yea son that shit was totally bunk! Lets run before he decides to eat you because i know i'll already be the fuck out of here.
by kkladuke32 November 20, 2007
The sound a rocket launcher makes when it is exhausted of ammunition in a video game.
bunk, bunk, bunk.... GOD DAMNIT!
by BOSCO McBob November 20, 2006
(n.) The origin of this word could possibly be from bunkum, which means rubbish or hogwash.

(n.) A bed that has two mattress levels.
What a bunch of bunk! I do not sleep with my teddy bear...all the time.

Mike: That bunk looks mighty fine! I get to be on the top!
Nadia: Sicko.
by PaperMachete October 30, 2005
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